Unbelievably Easy Sewing Hack with a Rubber Band


I am always looking for great sewing hacks to make my projects a little easier and better. I learn something new every time I sew and I’ve learned a lot from other seamstresses with more experience than me so I am always pleased to find new sewing tips to help me out. And all you need for this one is a rubber band and your sewing pedal!

I know I’m not alone in chasing my pedal under tables, around any other wires in a 4 foot radius ad all over the place when using my sewing machine. Wrap the rubber band around the pedal to keep it from slipping back and forth while you are sewing. Brilliant! How had I not that of that before? If you have a larger pedal wrap a couple of rubber bands around it, spacing them a couple inches apart for better grip.

What are your favorite sewing tips? If you have any sewing hacks that you absolutely cannot live without we would love to hear about them in the comments section below the video! Stay tuned for more of the best sewing hacks for beginners and experts alike!

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