Thursday, December 7

Unique Day to Night Light Skirt Is So Much FUN!

If you want to be the center of attention, this is the way to do it!  I know that’s the last thing that some of you want to be, but I thought this was such a cool idea that I had to post it!

This skirt would be great to wear for parties, the holidays, including Halloween, or some people may just want to wear it out when they go dancing!  I made these for my two granddaughters and they think it’s the best thing since mac n’ cheese!  They look so cute in these little skirts and are so excited about them.  So… Mom’s and Grandmother’s out there, here’s your chance to do something fun for the little ones!  I think it’s such an amazing idea!

Watch this step by step tutorial and you’ll see how she does it! Be sure to SHARE this with your friends and family!

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