Upcycle A Wagon Wheel Into The Coolest Chandelier

Wagon wheels look amazing in gardens, kitchens, and as a standalone decoration in any room. I had never seen someone repurpose a wagon wheel for something else until now. Who would have thought to make a chandelier with one?

Aaron Massey with Mr. Fix It builds this wagon wheel chandelier from scratch. He does note that though this project looks awesome, it may not be up to electrical code depending on where you plan on putting it. This project is totally worth it, just be careful!

I think this would look amazing in any country-inspired or rustic kitchen or dining room. You can take it a step further by switching up the bulbs! Mason jar bulbs, Edison bulbs, eco-friendly bulbs, or even colored ones!

Check out Aaron’s tutorial below, and be sure to share this awesome idea with your friends!

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