Thursday, November 30

Using Only This Piece Of Rope, You Can Make A Cool Homemade Farmhouse Light

If you love the farmhouse look but think you can’t afford awesome things, think again. You can actually create one of the nicest rustic lights  I’ve ever seen for just a few dollars. Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best, and this project certainly makes a case for that. I’ve looked for rustic light fixtures for my house for years and have made a few, but this one is so easy, I am wishing I’d just done all of my kitchen lights like this. Perfect for hanging a single Edison bulb over a corner that needs some light, in a reading nook, or styled in a row for a set, this easy DIY lighting idea can be yours in no time at all.

After watching the tutorial, it took me less than 30 minutes to make mine, and I actually had fun making it, too, since it was not tedious at all. Try this idea out for yourself. Even if you are a beginning DIYer, you can do this, I know it!

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