Veterinarian Gives Us Some Great Tips On How To Quickly Stop A Dog From Excessive Barking

Many of us have dogs that bark a lot and it does get annoying after a while, right? Dr. Jones, with Veterinary Secrets, barking is a completely normal behavior; great for dog communication, guarding and protecting, but a big problem when it happens too much.

Finding the cause of the excessive barking is key…play, giving a warning, anxiety or fear, in response to the door bell, to keep visitors off your property or just boredom. Some dogs will bark in a confined space, being outside in response to other dogs, or just in response to environmental noises.

Dr. Jones says to quit yelling at your dog to stop or be quiet. As a matter of fact this could lead to more barking. Your dog is getting attention when he barks, and some dogs and some dogs find that this attention is better than no attention.

Shock collars are painful and can make your dog more aggressive toward the person or dog they are barking at.

He says not to give your dog a treat or praise when you call him and he finally comes after 10 times. The most important way to start training is to go back to dog training basics and teach your dog to come when called (He shows us how to do this in the tutorial). He then proceeds to give us more tips for basic training.

Dr. Jones also shows us a technique he uses to calm an animal down. It’s a type of therapeutic touch called Tellington TTouch. This was developed by internationally-recognized animal expert Linda Tellington-Jones. Tellington TTouch® Training is a specialized approach to the care and training of our companion animals, horses and exotic animals, as well as for the physical and emotional well-being of humans.

With Tellington TTouch, even the most difficult problems and behavioral challenges are often eliminated, enhancing the quality of your animal’s life.

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can see how Dr. Jones, with Veterinary Secrets, shows us his tips for calming and training a dog to bark less.


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