Want To Achieve That Custom Look And Get Curb Appeal Without Replacing Your Garage Door? (WATCH!)

There always comes a time when our garage door needs a makeover, but the technique he uses is something I had never seen anybody do…BRILLIANT!  I’m also amazed at how easy this is to do! What a fabulous idea and it makes your entire home look different!

There is no question that a wood garage door will add a tremendous curb appeal to a home. If you are tired of staring at your massive traditional white garage door, but you are on a tight budget, faux wood painting may be an option for you. It is a lot cheaper than replacing your existing door with real or faux wood garage doors.

I love the way he gives this garage door the look of real wood by painting the lines and knots that usually appear in a piece of wood. I must say that I’m so impressed!

If you’re tired of your boring standard garage door, Gerry Crumbley shows you how to take it to the next level and make it look like a custom wood door! Some basic materials, and following his tutorial, will help you achieve this great look in as little as a day.

It has long since been my husband’s and my desire to give the exterior of our home a long overdue makeover.   I wanted a faux wood garage door, and we decided to do it ourselves and save ourselves an enormous expense. We are so pleased and excited with how it turned out! If you have an old metal garage door, I would encourage you to do this!

Watch Gerry’s step by step tutorial so you too can achieve this look!



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