Want To Change Up An Old Sweater Into Something Fabulous? Watch How Easy This Is!

A sweater is a must have in any woman’s closet, especially during the fall and winter time when the temperature starts to drop and the air starts to get chilly. Now, unless you’re super strict about getting only the cutest ones with the prettiest details and designs all the time, a sweater is pretty basic.

There are lots of ways to upgrade your basic sweater and dress it up, so you can stand out and look fab wearing it. Here is a clever idea for dressing up an average sweater.

DIY it!  If you’re the crafty kind then I’m pretty sure basic sweaters don’t stay basic very long in your wardrobe. Plain and simple sweaters are great for DIYing. Embellish it with beads and gems or give it some embroidered details. You can also do patchwork on it or sew on new details.

When I first saw the sweater in this tutorial I thought it was so ugly and that she needed to toss it, but then I saw what it looked like after she added the lovely wide eyelet trim and it totally changed my opinion! It’s amazing how a little bit of trim added to a blase sweater can transform it into something pretty cool!

Watch how this gal with Fashion Toppings refashions this old sweater in her step by step tutorial and grab one of your old sweaters and see how you can transform it!

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