Watch How Easily He Makes This Cool Sparkle Ball…

A sparkleball is a magical ornament handmade from plastic cups and mini-lights; usually displayed during the holiday season.

This is an awesome idea for holiday decorations and it’s time to start making these. The holidays will be upon us before we know it! Frankly, it’d actually look pretty cool hanging or sitting around any time of the year (I don’t know about you, but I love seasonal lights for ambiance all year around). All you need is 50 clear plastic cups, a drill, some staples, and a string of 50 LED Christmas lights (they must be LED lights since these burn cool and will not create a fire–melting hazard).

There’s a story about a lady that coins herself as “the sparkleball lady” and she has a fascination with these globes of these sparkly lights and plastic cups. It all started when she was stopped in her tracks, while driving by a mobile home festooned with these decorations, and was promptly sold one by the resident.

It seems she’s since dedicated a good amount of holiday spare time to making sparkleballs, and has created a website with step-by-step instructions for making your own, complete with pictures for each step. Guess she was really taken by them! LOL!

This video will teach you in an easy-to-follow four and a half minute tutorial how you can transform these everyday supplies into a beautiful Christmas light ball. The plastic cups reflect the light so that the ball really shimmers. It’s an eye-catching item of decor, and will really be a hit at next year’s Christmas party. You can do it in any color combination of lights that you want, and achieve a beautiful effect.

Watch how Gasper Muniz makes these in his step by step tutorial so you can get busy before the holidays are here!

Photo Credit: Wonder How To


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