Watch How Easily She Makes Lovely Heart Embellishments Using Scraps And Stash!

The nice thing about making these hearts is that you can use whatever you have in your stash. She uses a cereal box for her base and if you don’t have a heart template to draw around, you can download a heart, from the Internet, in any size you choose. This lady calls this project “Stash to Treasure”!

I get wet cat food in a package of 24 and there’s a piece of cardboard that separates them so I used those when I did this project with my little granddaughter.  I’d been saving them for a project that I knew I could use them for and now I’m glad I didn’t throw them away!

This is such a fun project because you can use up some of your loose jewelry pieces and scrap fabrics to make these. I happened to have a lot of that so I went to town making these!

She bought some cute stickers, with words on them, and attaches them to the hearts after she covered them with fabric. She also bought “gem stickers” to use, so that’s another option if you don’t want to use old jewelry pieces you already have. You can also use scrapbook paper if you don’t have fabric scraps.

I just let my imagination go wild and I’m so excited to give these to friends. I put magnets on the back of the ones I made so they can put them on their refrigerators.

Watch how this lady with GiftBasketAppeal makes these darling embellished hearts in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making yours!






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