Watch How Easy He Builds This Amazing Wood And Industrial Pipe Table!

We are hosting my family’s Christmas at our house this year. We currently have a 4 person dining table. No way could we all perch around that table no matter how many chairs we pushed against it. We needed to scrap the kids table, and suck it up and get a grown up table. That’s when I spotted this tutorial to build this awesome table…the answer to my big dilemma!

I’m a big fan of the industrial look and this table sure fit the bill! I love what it adds to my home decor and I’m so glad to get rid of that small, not so great looking, table we were using.

This table cost under $150.  Cheap as nails.  Right?  It only took a few hours over a weekend.  I love cheap DIY projects that end up looking like they cost a fortune! If you were to buy everything from scratch it would cost closer to $400, which for a table that seats 12, is still a steal.  Restoration Hardware sells these for around $4000!

The legs we used are hardware store “black pipe” gas line pipe and fittings. These can be sourced at any large hardware store and as they will cut and thread the pipe for you at the store, its super easy to work with.

Watch how Lowe’s Home Improvement makes this awesome table in their step by step tutorial if you’re needing a larger dining table that won’t cost you a fortune!



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