Watch How Easy It Is To Make These Cute Boxer Shorts!

Looking for the perfect pajama shorts to lounge around in on a lazy Sunday? How about making your own boxer shorts! Don’t feel intimidated — this is a beginner level sewing project.

I kind of went crazy in the fabric store, after watching Jo’s tutorial. I made several pairs of these and they’re all so cute! I love the way she used two different fabrics, so that’s what I did and I found some of the coolest fabrics ever. I’m so proud of my boxers!

These Boxer Shorts are super comfortable and are a great gift for friends, especially with Valentines Day right around the corner! They make great pajama bottoms. All I sleep in are boxers and a t-shirt. Forget pajamas!

You have several options when it comes to making these. These can be made longer for long pajama bottoms and add a draw string or you can make these to wear as shorts. Whatever you choose to do, I know you’ll love them!

The beautiful thing about these is that they take no time at all to make! I made these for a couple of friends, my daughter and my nieces to give them for Valentines Day. I had to be sneaky about getting their measurements though!

Watch how holycrappitsjo makes these in her step by step tutorial…if she can make these anybody can!






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