Watch How Easy She Makes This Incredibly Beautiful Item For Christmas Gifts!

I was so surprised when I saw how easy it looked to make this…it looks so intricate! This lady shows us how to make it in this tutorial and just in time to make those Christmas gifts!

I would be beyond thrilled to receive one of these magic carpet bracelets as a gift. Especially if it was made especially for me. It’s the DIY gifts that mean the most to us because we know that time and love went into making it.

Don’t you love things like this? They turn a not so dynamic outfit into a eye catching one. I’m telling you…it’s all about the accessories!

I’m an accessory junkie deluxe. From jewelry to belts to scarves. This is what makes a wardrobe, in my opinion, and you can never have too many!

In her tutorial, attached below, she makes a gold and white stunning beaded magic carpet bracelet that looks wonderful with white or black outfits.

I saw a fabulous colorful one on Pinterest that I must make. The colorful one can be worn with dressy clothes or with jeans and the right top. I just love these!

Watch how this gal with offthebeadedpath makes this lovely bracelet in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making these for the ladies in your life!


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