Watch How He Builds This Simple Bench That Has A Really Unique Look!

I firmly believe that wooden benches are a must have for every home. You’ve gotta have at least one, but after seeing this cool bench and how easy it is to build, I’ll just bet  you that you can find a place for this unique looking bench in your home!

Old wooden frames, antiquated barn boards, or really any scrap of wood that can be reclaimed is a DIY project waiting to happen.

I have a bench outside my front door and one sitting in my entryway and, let me tell you, if I didn’t have them I don’t know what I’d do. I sit groceries on my bench outside my front door and my purse and other items I need, for the next day, on the bench in the entryway. They are really convenient to have in these two places.

I love the way the boards look by the way they are offset and not lined up. I think that’s what makes this bench so cool looking, plus the two toned wood that he uses!

My husband and I decided to make this bench to replace the one in our entryway and we moved the one that was previously in there out to our patio. Now we have a handy bench sitting by our back door too!

Check out how MrDIYDork builds this cool little bench using 2x3s with hidden fasteners & a shifted pattern on top. It’s easy to make and could be scaled up to make a table or whatever you wanted.



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