Thursday, November 30

Watch How He Makes These Fabulous DIY Salvaged Chairs Into A French Bench (Brilliant!)

This is such a brilliant and lovely idea! I couldn’t believe how this guy with An Oregon Cottage made this incredible french bench out of two old chairs…it’s FABULOUS!

Instead of tossing those old dining room chairs turn them into a cozy indoor or outdoor bench. I can’t think of a better way to repurpose dated furniture! The paint alone gives them a fresh new look.

Here is a tutorial on how to make a high-arm bench from old chairs in a classic European style. With a few basic tools you can create a high-end looking bench from a pair of broken chairs and pine or scrap wood. It’s a great upcycle project!

The chairs he used were 50 something years old knockoff Duncan-Phyfe style chairs that were falling apart. He called it  a “French-style” bench because I saw a he saw a similar bench from Ballard Designs (for $300+!) based on a French antique, but he said he’s also seen this style simply called a “window bench” as well.

By making this classic European style bench it’s perfect for your entry, dining room or foot of your bed!

Watch how An Oregon Cottage does this in his step by step tutorial!

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