Thursday, November 30

Watch How He Makes These Insanely Cool Fabric Beads (So Easy!)

When I saw this tutorial by Mark Morano I got so excited! We see these beads, made out of colorful paper, in jewelry made from Africa and I was clueless about how they were made, so when I saw this tutorial, where Mark makes these out of fabric I was enlightened very fast!

My niece gave me a bracelet, with beads made out of paper. a while back, and it’s from Africa. I love the way Mark takes these fabric beads and makes them into cool dangly necklaces, as you will see in this tutorial. They add a great pop of color to any outfit and are certainly unique, unlike most jewelry you see nowadays! You will definitely have some inquiries about it when you wear one.

The majority of us have a lot of left over fabric scraps. This is the perfect way to repurpose and use those in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. I saw some fabulous earrings made out of these, on Pinterest.

OMG! There’s so many things you can do with these, other than jewelry! I decorated picture frames with them and they are so great! Just use your imagination!

This is a great craft project for kids to do. It will keep them busy for hours. They will be fascinated with these beads, just like we are!

Watch how Mark, with Make Your Mark makes these cool beads, in his step by step tutorial, so you can get busy making them too!



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