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Watch How He Makes This Awesome Mood Lamp!

I’m really excited about this DIY project! I would have never guessed that this would be so easy to make. It’s amazing how lighting can affect our moods…thus the name for this project “Mood Lamp”.

Many of us light candles to “set the mood” and this mood lamp is another way to set the mood, without the need for burning candles. Candles can be pricey when you like to burn them a lot, plus there is always residue left from burning candles.

My daughter burns candles so much that the black residue ended up on her sheets and towels she folded! I’ve also experienced the leftover residue from burning a candle on my kitchen bar, only to discover that the AC vent above where the candle was burning was black. It took me a minute to figure out why it was black and I finally figured it out.

Mist8k uses a simple rounded glass bowl, glass pebbles, a glue gun, white modeling clay and a light kit. He glues each glass pebble on the glass bowl. After dong this, he takes small pieces of the modeling clay and presses it between each glass pebble until the whole bowl is covered, around each pebble then he puts a light bulb in his light kit underneath the bowl. You can also use fairy lights or led lights.

Watch how he instructs you about the pebble placement in Mist8k’s step by step tutorial.




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