Watch How He Makes This Brilliant Item With An Old Set Of Closet Doors!

I was so surprised to see what he did with his old louvered closet doors. I would have just thrown them away, but no, he had an awesome idea and repurposed them!

He shows us how to build a unique kitchen island. This DIY small kitchen island is a great addition to any kitchen remodel. It has practical uses such as preparing food or enjoying your favorite coffee and wine with seating. Books can be conveniently stored on the sides.

If you already have a kitchen island, just add some wheels to this one and you will have a cart! I have a cart in my kitchen and wouldn’t take for it! I keep my special red pots and pans on it and there are some hooks on the side that I can hang my smaller pots from. It looks really cute in my kitchen.

If you don’t have a kitchen island, you’ll wonder what you ever did before making this one. I couldn’t live without mine!

Look on Pinterest, under DIY louvered door projects, there’s one similar to this one, but they painted the louvered door a nice turquoise green with a dark wood top and it’s on wheels. Make sure to check it out because it is quite unique looking. What a fabulous way to repurpose these old doors.

Watch how ShabbyDIY does this in their step by step tutorial.


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