Watch How He Makes This Cool Clothes Drying Rack Out Of PVC Pipe!

Most of us drip dry a lot of our clothes…I know I do, but I never have enough space to hang my clothes to dry, thus the need for this drying rack! I was hanging my drip dry things on my shower rod and a couple of other places in my home. It was such a hassle!

I just think this DIY project is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I got busy making one of these pretty quickly, after seeing this tutorial! Talk about being proud of something!

I’ve been able to hang so many things on this rack and it’s such a space saver! I no longer have clothes hanging all around my house.

This PVC rack would also come in handy for hanging blankets on…spray paint it your favorite color and save some space. Blankets take up a lot of space too!

I’ve also seen people spray paint on old ladders and hang them horizontally, from chains, in their laundry room, so they will have a place to hang their clothes they need to drip dry. I think that’s a brilliant idea for hanging clothes, but I especially like the PVC pipe rack because I can lay sweaters over it to dry, rather than dry them flat, like a lot of care instructions say to do. I’ve never laid a sweater flat to dry. They take too long to dry!

Watch how eHow cleverly makes this drying rack in their step by step tutorial.



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