Watch How He Makes This Cool Pallet Bird House And How He Adds Special Planters!

A birdhouse is something that you can have either in your garden, your verandah or even you balcony, which essentially makes it part of the exterior of your home. I’m mentioning this here because you have to keep this factor in mind while coming up with the design for your birdhouse. The thing is birdhouses are outside the home and exposed to the elements, which means that you have to make them sturdy and durable.

Don’t you love all the fabulous pallet wood projects available to us? And, the best thing about pallet wood projects is that they’re free! I love the rustic appeal to this type of wood and have done several projects using pallet wood. I love all of them!

I’m a big bird house collector so I went crazy over this DIY project! I love that it has planters on each side of the birdhouse too! I also have a lot of plants! I believe that my yard should be decorated too, since I spend so much time outside and things like this are so pleasing to the eye and make me happy. I have a pallet wood plant holder outside, along with other great DIY projects I’ve done. It’s my sanctuary and brings me so much peace!

This would certainly be an upscale house for the birds…nice and roomy, making your little birds happy!

Watch how Allen, with Allen’s Welding/Woodworking does this project in his step by step tutorial so you can make this fabulous bird house!

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