Watch How He Makes This Gorgeous Tufted Headboard That’s The Big Rage Now!

My house is still a work in progress and my bedroom is the last to get any special attention. I’ve been scoping out headboard tutorials for a while and I found this great tutorial by AOL Upholstery!

Nothing is worst than being super frugal, yet having such expensive taste. I have wanted a gorgeous tufted headboard for years without any hope of every owning one…that is until I made one myself! With a slew of clever budget saving tricks, I spent UNDER $50 to make this gorgeous knock off.

Now when I walk into my bedroom, I can hardly believe my eyes! My headboard has changed everything and looks so chic! I can’t begin to tell you what a difference it has made and I’m so proud of it.

Neutrals are a popular look with linen headboards and gives the room an upscale posh look. Mixing up neutral colored pillows and adding a larger solid color pillow with a nice monogram looks so chic on a bed with this fabulous headboard.

Watch how AOL Upholstery makes this great tufted headboard in his step by step tutorial and get busy making one of your bedroom…you’ll love it!



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