Watch How He Transforms An Ordinary Rock Into A Breathtaking Work Of Art (Free!)

One of my favorite surfaces to paint on is rocks! It’s remarkable how you can transform an ordinary rock into something so spectacular! This is the coolest thing about painting…watching something turn into a life like object!

I’ve been painting for a long time and when my grandchildren come over, we practice painting on rocks and they have the best time! The last time they were over, one of them painted a chocolate chip cookie on a flat round rock. So much fun! This is a great project to do with children. It keeps them off of their electronics and brings out the creativity in them!

Since I’ve been painting on rocks, I always have a gift to give to someone and the people I give these hand painted rocks to are always thrilled to receive them. I usually paint something that they are particularly interested in, so it makes for a really sentimental gift.

So many great ideas to paint on rocks. You can paint meaningful quotes, flowers, pets, designs…the list goes on and on! There’s never an end to the things that you can paint on a rock! It’s usually not hard to find rocks where I live, but if you don’t have any rocks around where you live you can order them really cheap on Amazon. Usually, if there’s a stream close to where you live, you can find them there.

Watch how MonMonteArt paints this cool owl in his step by step tutorial and start rounding up those rocks! It’s so much fun and what do you have to lose?



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