Watch How Paint Can Totally Transform Your Thrift Store End Tables!

I flipped over these little end tables and what she did with them, so I started looking for a couple of  end tables like or similar to the ones she refurbishes.

I couldn’t believe it, but I actually found two end tables almost identical to the ones she paints in her tutorial!

I love these tables so much. I doubt they are antique or even vintage for that matter but they are very chic and I completely adore them.

I painted mine the same color she used and even put a bird on them. I’m so proud of them and how they turned out!

I would much rather have these refurbished end tables than buying new ones. There’s just something special about the style from many years ago and besides that, I got to give a couple of cool end tables a new life!

If you are you totally bored with your old end tables this is how you can paint and stencil your old end table or a pair you found at the thrift store.

This paint allows you to paint without sanding or priming first! It’s also a good way to cover up scratches on old, damaged end tables.

Everyone will be envious of your like new thrift store end tables when you’re done! If you love a dramatic before and after, this is the DIY project for you!




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