Watch How She Adds Sparkle And Elegance To Her Home By Doing A Couple Simple Things!

It is no surprise that pumpkins make some of the best DIY home decor ideas for autumn. Try this awesome pumpkin craft to place on your front porch, as a table centerpiece, and for creative decor around your home. They are so easy to make when you follow the attached step by step tutorial.

Don’t you just love the look of these white pumpkins? They look so elegant, but when she adds the silver glitter it will make you catch your breath when you see how stunning they are! So basically, I’m never carving another pumpkin again.

There are so many awesome ideas on Pinterest for decorating pumpkins. This is just one of many of the amazing things that people have thought up to create beautiful home decor with pumpkins.

I’ve seen a lot of pumpkins decorated with sticker beads, jewels, trims and all kinds of pretty options to decorate your average pumpkins.

We certainly didn’t see pumpkins like this when I was growing up! Things have come a long way and these beautiful pumpkins completely transform the atmosphere of your home.

Watch how this gal with A Cozy Casita decorates these pumpkins in her step by step tutorial so you can get your pumpkins ready to decorate.




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