Watch How She Changes Up Ordinary Clothing Into Something Eye Catching!

This gal shows us 20 different ways to refashion our closets. She takes ordinary clothing to a whole new level. You’ve simply got to see the clever things she does!

Watch how she takes something that is plain and by very easily adding some embellishments, she changes it into something fabulous!

These ideas will create a whole new wardrobe for you without needing to spend a fortune! The jeans with flowers are quite popular right now and you’d never know she didn’t pay $150+ for them. And, what a huge difference the cherries make on the black jean shorts she tweaks!

She even takes a pair of old shoes and transforms them into these awesome looking shoes… you’d never guess that the old shoes were under the fabric and embellishments she puts on them!

The good news is you don’t have to have an ounce of creativity in your body to do these simple things, yet it looks like they were store bought that way.

I’m not a conservative person in the way I dress so I got pretty excited about these ideas. I love a pop of color with or on everything I wear!

Did you know that you can transform just about every item in your closet? Watch how this gal with Wunder DIY does just that in her step by step tutorial.




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