Watch How She Cleverly Puts Together Plastic Crates To Make A Desk/Vanity/Hutch!

I think this is so brilliant! Why go out and buy a desk or a vanity when you can have that, and extra storage, built in with this inexpensive DIY project?

I have a guest room in my home that I turned into a bedroom for my granddaughters and I thought this was perfect for them to use, rather than go out and buy another piece of furniture, since I wanted a desk in there.

I put cork behind the fabric on the back panel so they could use push pens to display their art and anything else they wanted to see.

Talk about super easy…this project is just that, and, the supplies are so cheap at the dollar store. Although, I picked up the great fabric I used for this project at JoAnn’s fabric store.

This will work for all kinds of spaces in your home…even the garage! We all need extra storage and here’s your answer for that need!

It’s perfect for a sewing room, especially if you need a place to put your sewing machine and store your fabrics and sewing notions, so keep that in mind!

Watch how Kelly Barlow puts this great desk and storage hutch together in her step by step tutorial.


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