Watch How She Creates This Amazing Piece Of Art Out of Clay And Tracing Paper!

I got so inspired when I saw this tutorial. I wanted to run to the craft store and buy some clay right away!

I was blown away at what she does with clay by simply tracing a design and transferring it to clay. Then she carves the design to get this beautiful piece of art.

The attached tutorial is a fascinating documentary film showing how British artist Victoria Ellis carves a fine bas relief figurative clay mural. The film covers the entire process, from initial design right through to the final glazed mural. We see how she carves the clay using her custom-modified tools and her methods for preparing the glazes.

This project may look intimidating since it’s so ornate looking, but we can all trace a design with an exacto knife, right? Well, what do we have to lose by trying this out?

Children make things with clay all of the time and they don’t think twice about it. And, I might add, I’ve seen some pretty cool things that children have made out of clay.

Watch how Victoria Ellis creates this fabulous mural in her step by step tutorial and go get you some clay!



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