Watch How She Creates This Lovely Starburst Mirror With Wooden Spoons!

Starburst mirrors are all the rage right now in home decor!  They are beautiful and can add style to any space. The only downfall is that they can be pretty pricey!  Well now you can have your own beautiful starburst mirror for very little!  The best part is that you can make it fit your style and personality!

This is one of the most beautiful mirror designs I have seen lately. I’m are sure you will agree with me too, and if you do then don’t hesitate to check out the tutorial, at the end of this post, and find out exactly how to make it all by yourself.

Head to your dollar store and pick up a circular mirror for this easy DIY that will make any room look better. With the help of wooden spoons and a bit of spray paint, this pretty home decor item makes a great addition to your wall collection, or as a unique gift, without busting your budget.

I love the mirror that a particular store sales, but at $308 this sunburst just wasn’t in the budget. Actually one mirror is more than the entire budget. So I decided to make my own sunburst mirror instead.

I’ve seen so many different things used to make this starburst mirror. People use paint stir sticks, twigs, wood strips, wooden skewers and other things. They paint these white, gold, silver, blue… You can personalize yours to your liking!

Watch Guidecentral English make this cool starburst mirror in their step by step tutorial and warm up your hot glue gun and get busy!

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