Watch How She Easily Alters The Waist Of Her Jeans So They Will Fit.

I always have a problem with my jeans fitting in the waist and they end up falling down if I don’t have my belt cinched tight.

When I ran across this tutorial I got excited about this easy fix for my issue with being able to keep my jeans up!

I’ve seen other tutorials where they put darts on either side of the back seam to make the waist narrower. With this alteration you don’t need to remove the waist band like you do when you put darts in the jeans. She simply inserts elastic into the waist band, from the inside of the waist band, therefore tightening it.

After seeing this tutorial I got busy putting elastic in all of my jeans. Now I don’t have to wear a belt when I put them on…what a relief! Even if I had a belt on I was still tugging on my jeans to keep them up.

It’s not that I have a little waist, but in order to get jeans to fit my thighs I have to wear the size that I do. Sometimes I wonder if it’s my thighs that make my jeans fall down!

Watch how MYSTYLEDIARYY alters her jeans in this step by step tutorial and give this a shot. It’s an easy solution!



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