Watch How She Easily Makes This Clever Earphone Holder So Her Earphones Won’t Get Tangled Up Or Lost!

I live in a state where it is a law that you have to be hands free when using your cell phone while you’re driving, thus the need for earphones. This is when I started having a problem keeping up with my earphones or when I put them in my purse, I ruined a few of them!

That’s when I went looking for a solution to this problem and found this awesome tutorial by Tanner Bell. I’m not a big seamstress anymore, so I’m now just like a beginner when it comes to sewing, but this little DIY project couldn’t have been easier. Now I have a couple of these fabulous little pouches!

I liked my headphone holder so much that I decided to make a few of them to give to friends and family for gifts. With all the great fabrics available nowadays it’s fun to pick out something really cool to make these out of! I can make a bunch of them out of very little fabric.

I now have my headphone holders and my next project for the new year is a purse organizer. Come hell or high water, I’m determined to get organized and make my life simpler this year!

Watch how Tanner Bell makes this awesome earphone holder so you can make your life a little bit easier too!

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