Watch How She Easily Repurposes A T-Shirt By Making This Cool Item!

How many of you hang on to old t-shirts? I am guilty as charged! Today I am going to show you how I transformed some t-shirts into an adorable and trendy item you’re gonna love!

I’m always surprised to see how people repurpose t-shirts and I was more surprised by this DIY project. It only takes minutes to do, but looks like it was professionally made!

I am slightly giddy about the ways that I have learned to take an old tee and turn it into something absolutely fabulous! There’s nothing better than turning t-shirts you don’t wear into uber-chic pillow.

I don’t know about you, but I get super excited when I can repurpose something I’m not using into something that actually serves a purpose again.

I hope you try this easy way to make something useful and cool. What a great gift idea too! You could buy a new t-shirt if you’re thinking gift item. Michaels sales t-shirts dirt cheap.

My daughter will easily spend $70 on a throw pillow, so if you’re asking “who spends $70 on a throw pillow?” I know someone that does!  But not this crafty gal, that’s for sure!

Watch how ArtsnCrafts4u makes this cool looking throw pillow in her step by step tutorial and go get those t-shirts you don’t wear any more so you can make at least one of these!


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