Watch How She Embellishes A Denim Jacket With Leopard Print Fabric (Stunning!)

With the cool weather coming, we’re all bringing out those jackets. If you want to add some flair to an old denim jacket, this is such a fabulous way to do it and it’s quite eye catching!

I love anything with a touch of leopard print added to it! When I saw this tutorial I grabbed my denim jacket and got busy doing this super cool DIY project! I already had some leopard print fabric left over from a bed skirt that I’d previously made, so I didn’t need to go out and buy anything!

MeshaloStyleTV uses fabric glue to attach the fabric to their denim jacket, but I sewed the fabric on mine. I wanted to make sure it held really well. Although, I know that fabric glue does hold very well, but I’m a seamstress so this is what I do!

And, of course, my daughter saw my jacket and tried to walk off with it, so I got busy making her one and I’m gonna give her one for Christmas!

Watch how MeshaloStyleTV does this in her step by step tutorial and get busy adding some flair to your jacket!


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