Watch How She Makes A Clever Rustic Item After Stenciling And Sanding Wood Pieces!

This is a great way to add a custom touch to your home. The way she does this technique will give a nice rustic and vintage charm to your decor.

The word rustic doesn’t mean something dated or old-fashioned anymore. It actually means quite the opposite. By applying the appropriate tricks and accessories we can create something really fashionable and authentic looking.

Items like this do create a cozy and homey atmosphere. Succulents look so great planted in this rustic wood box that has been hand stenciled and sanded, making it more unique and aged looking.

You can decorate any part of your home with this quaint rustic look. It’s amazing what one of these will add to your home decor!

This is also a great idea to use for an outdoor wedding reception. You could stencil the word love or something to fit the occasion. If you’re really good at hand painting you could paint the couples names on the boxes.

These wonderful little boxes add character where ever they are displayed. Things like this always gives me a nostalgic feeling and I love this look.

Watch how this gal with Party Shirt Productions makes this in her step by step tutorial so you can add some rustic charm to your home!


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