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Watch How She Makes A Secret Hiding Place When She Sews Fabric To Fit A Coat Hanger

This is a great gift for your college bound student. Also a great gift for the bride and her bridesmaids to be carry all their most cherished essentials for the big day.

Also excellent to keep your favorite dress or suit together with your special jewelry and hair accessories for that special night out. Now you don’t need to try to remember where you put those earrings that match.

This padded closet hanger has a compartment to conceal your cash, jewelry, travel checks, passport and any other important documents you may need to hide. It travels well. Just slip a dress or jacket over hanger to hide. You can also slip in your favorite sachet.

I recently had my house broken into. The thing that saved some jewelry pieces from my late mother is a hanger similar to these that my mother had kept in her closet. While the thieves emptied the contents of a jewelry box in the master bedroom, they never went through clothes.

They never found the valuable and sentimental pieces I kept in that hanger. I think that the hangers she makes are beautiful and I’m giving them to family and friends as gifts.

Watch how Laura Coia makes this awesome cover for a hanger in her step by step tutorial.

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