Watch How She Makes A Stunning Addition to Her Wardrobe And How EASY It Is To Sew!

We’ve seen this style as far back as the 50’s and it always remains fashionable. It’s great to have for every day wear or a special evening out on the town. It’s a great thing for beginners to make if you are wanting to learn how to sew or are just starting out!

If you’re anything like me, I’m always looking for a cool top to wear when it’s hot outside and this one, since it’s off the shoulders, definitely serves that purpose! I’ve made a few of these and absolutely love them! I sometimes wear it up on my shoulders, but most of the time I don’t. Especially with this weather being as hot as it is! Talk about compliments! Be prepared to get a lot of them when you wear this trendy top!

I seriously cannot say enough about these off the shoulder tops!  They can be easily paired up with cute accessories and some sexy heels.  This sewing project is simple, fun and a great addition to your wardrobe! My husband loves these tops and he thinks they’re sexy…they are!

I really like how flowy this top is! Despite the semi-long sleeves, it is actually much cooler to wear than t-shirts thanks to the wide bell-shaped sleeves. This seems to be a high fashion item because I see a lot of women in magazines wearing them. As I’ve said already, this top seems to never go out of style!

Watch how she makes this simple top so you can whip up one for yourself!

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