Watch How She Makes A Stunning Headboard Out Of Lights And Creates Her Own Starry Night!

I ran out and bought sheer curtains, lights (300) and Command Damage Free Hooks (package of 18) from Walmart shortly after I saw this tutorial!  Target carries all of these items too.  I already had a couple of extra curtain rods, so I found something awesome to do with it….repurposing something I have laying around is great! I LOVE mine and this headboard gives me a sense of all being well when I hang out in my bedroom at night!

My dogs and cat love this effect too!  I noticed them being drawn to my room when I turn these lights on!  You can experience the feeling a Christmas tree gives you all year around!  My little granddaughter thinks it’s the bomb!  So, if you have pets or children, get ready to have a menagerie in your bedroom.

I just have to share this with you… my girlfriend has been going through a painful breakup and I wanted to do something to bring a sense of calm to her.  I couldn’t just sit by and watch, doing nothing!  Then it occurred to me to make one of these for her, so I went out and bought all the stuff to make this dreamy headboard for her and I got to use my extra curtain rod!   To see how excited she was to have this in her room gave me such great joy!

This is such an easy tutorial, you won’t believe how fast you can do this.  I love instant results!  Watch this step by step tutorial by LilMissMegsMakeup and enjoy your starry night!

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