Watch How She Makes A Unique Button Bouquet Out Of Buttons And Pipe Cleaners!

There are so many cool DIY projects to do with buttons and this one is especially cute. It’s one of the easiest crafts ever and the results are so awesome!

These flowers are great for celebrating Mother’s day, birthdays and parties for girls.

If you are giving your mom something she has been wanting and still want to make it special with something handmade added to it.these flowers are bound to do that. Make flowers with paper, fabric, felt and buttons.

You can use them for gift wrapping, using these in place of your bows. It’s also a great idea for kids to make a handmade gift for mom!

They look especially cute with colored felt cut into a flower shape and the button in the centers or, you can use scrapbook paper instead of felt.

In looking at button art on Pinterest I saw so many cute ideas for these button flowers. People make the cutest button wreaths, they sew them on pillows, with the felt gathered behind the buttons and the list goes on and on.

These adorable button flowers are so cute and a great way to use up some of your old buttons, or if your like me your over abundance of buttons!

Watch how Sophie makes these adorable button flowers in her step by step tutorial.


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