Watch How She Makes Incredible Wall Art With An Exacto Knife, Cardboard And Black Paint!

There’s no reason to go out and spend a ton of money on artwork for your home when there are so many incredible artsy DIY projects available that cost next to nothing to do!

I really love the way this cardboard art looks on my wall, after having finished it. The black against my light colored wall really pops and makes a beautiful statement in my living room.

I feel like I really accomplished something big when I made this. I saved so much money by not spending a fortune for a piece of art for the space that I needed something for.

Before going out and spending money on another person’s artwork, be sure to check out Pinterest. You might just change your mind about buying that piece of art.

You don’t even need to be artistic to do many of the DIY projects available to us, so make sure to investigate before saying you’re not artistic and tossing in the towel. You might just be pleasantly surprised!

Most of the art that is hanging on my walls is art that I have done and the majority of it is easy pieces that I found tutorials for on Pinterest. People always comment on how cool my art is too!

Watch how Tulka Jagga makes this cool wall art in her step by step tutorial and give it a try. All you have to lose is a little bit of cardboard and paint!



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