Watch How She Makes These Cute And Easy Holiday Decorations In Only Minutes!

This gal with WhatsUpMoms is always doing something cool…love her tutorials and this one is right in line with cool ideas that she always shows us!

I’m particularly fond of the cinnamon sticks she glues onto the vanilla candle because I love things that smell good. The vanilla and the cinnamon will make your entire home smell amazing! I’m sure I’m not the Lone Ranger!

The Winter Wonderland in a glass vase is absolutely stunning and it’s super easy to make! It takes about 5 minutes and looks elegant on a mantle.

She spray paints three tin cans gold. Then she draws her letters on the cans and punches holes where she’s drawn the letters. She takes three votives and places them inside the cans and┬áVoila! She has some super cool luminaries! Inexpensive too!

With everything we have on our plate during the holidays, it helps to have these easy and cute decoration ideas, so we don’t spend so much time on making them.

Watch how WhatsUpMoms makes these decorations in her step by step tutorial so you can make them too!





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