Watch How She Makes These Fabulous Crosses Using Foil Tape (Brilliant!)

First of all, I’m a big cross collector and have a huge wall of crosses, but, in my opinion, you can never have too many! I’m from the school of “some is good but more is better”!

These crosses that Danielle, with Danielle’s Place, makes are insanely easy to make, yet so lovely! I love the Mexican art look and these are some great crosses to mix in with my crosses!

What a great concept this is! She uses foam board and wraps it in foil tape, after cutting out the crosses. The foam board creates a soft surface for drawing the designs on the cross. She uses plastic utensils for making the designs on the cross, including a plastic fork to make the lines that look so cool on this cross. Then she uses some jewels for a pop of color!

I just wish I’d found this tutorial before Christmas. These would have been some great Christmas gifts. I will definitely be making these for birthday presents for friends and family. They will love them! After all, who wouldn’t?

My teenage daughter started making these when she saw me making them. She has already given some away for gifts and her friends had a fit over theirs!

Watch how Danielle makes these awesome crosses in her step by step tutorial.





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