Watch How She Makes These Quick And Easy Felt Hearts With Sweet Embroidered Words!

These are the cutest and sweetest little hearts and what could make a better gift to give to friends for Valentine’s Day?

Sew some love this Valentine’s Day. Why not embroider a single word or a name on a fabric heart, or try a simple message on a short length of ribbon or cotton tape.
These types of gifts have so much sentimental value and your friends can keep them for years to come, never forgetting who thoughtfully made it for them.
I prefer to give gifts that are meaningful like these are. I think it’s because I enjoy receiving gifts like this. Plus, they are cute little touches sitting in a special place in your home.
The other thing I love about these little felt hearts is that this DIY project is so easy, inexpensive and quick to make. With my busy schedule I needed a project like this.
These take a lot less time to make then going out and shopping for a gift. I can get so frustrated with that scenario!
This is also a great time and project for teaching your daughters or granddaughters how to embroidery! It’s a fun project for you to do together and a great opportunity!
Watch how Sarah Beth makes these darling felt hearts in her step by step tutorial and get busy making some of these for your special friends!


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