Watch How She Makes This Amazing Christmas Tree Out Of Disposable Spoons!

My Christmas craft making has begun with a collection of fun ideas. However, the most fun thing about seasonal decorations is they don’t all require require holiday elements.

If you can’t wait any longer to get started doing some crafty holiday decorations, you can start with making a Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree.Cutting and gluing plastic spoons is a child’s play so the Christmas tree can be ready in no time. It is perfect for classroom decoration as even knocked down, no balls will suffer.

I love rain when I am home for the day, it is so peaceful. It is a perfect day for crafting and to knock out another project on my list.

I bought a two Styrofoam cones to make Christmas Tree decorations but was unsure of how I was actually going to decorate them until I took a walk through the Dollar Store last week and found some little plastic silver spoons and a package of wands with stars on them.

These spoons come in different colors and I saw some shiny silver ones at the dollar store and bought those because I thought this little tree would look awesome if it were shiny!

Watch how Ana with DIY Crafts makes this darling tree in her step by step tutorial!

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