Watch How She Makes This Beautiful Barn Door Gate For Babies And Dogs!

If you have a child or a pet that you need to keep away from an unsafe area this can be a great DIY project for you! Of course, baby gates you can purchase in the store but they aren’t long enough, they are too high, not cute or cost too much. To help you get started here’s a great tutorial for a handsome baby gate (or pet) to keep your children safe from common household dangers.

When you have a new baby in the house, you are always looking to make things as easy as possible. Even the littlest thing can help you get through some of those tougher moments.

I am in love with all things farmhouse, and I’m always on the lookout for decor that fits my farmhouse style. The first thing on my list was this awesome pet gate!

I built one of these gates because I got a new puppy and he was into everything! This was a great solution and has saved me a lot of headaches and the frustration of running back and forth to check to see what the little guy was into!

Keeping our pets safe sometimes means they need to be contained or kept from getting underfoot.  So they can still feel like part of the action, custom pet gates — in keeping with house style — are just the ticket.

Watch how Blackwelders DIY makes this cool gate in their step by step tutorial.



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