Watch How She Makes This Fun Item We’ve All Heard Of And Secretly Wanted!

This is quite the conversation piece and if you don’t have one, you are surely going to want one!

Whether you want one of these because they’re just too stinking cute, need a unique looking pin cushion or really want it to stick pins into so you can pretend it’s someone you aren’t really happy with (to put it mildly)!

I’ve always thought voodoo dolls were really cool, but I never had one until I ran across this adorable tutorial and made five of them right away! My girlfriends saw them and all of them wanted one…imagine that!

This voodoo doll craft isn’t just any voodoo doll craft – it is a voodoo doll pin cushion. Clever, handy and fun at the same time!

This makes a great project for beginners at sewing, but is meant for older kids or grown ups for sure. I think these Voodoo Doll pin cushions would make great little gifts too.

These also look cute as key rings (minus the pins) and my two kids have already claimed these two grandkids as theirs!

I made one with a velcro strap so I can wear my voodoo doll pin cushion on my arm while I am sewing. I have to admit that when I’m busy and jabbing pins in there, sometimes I’ll catch a glimpse at how funny the whole thing is and it brings me a smile to my face!

If you’re into sewing and giggling – I’d highly recommend you make your own. With just a little bit of stuffing and felt you can be on your way.

Watch how this lady with Red Ted Art makes these unique  little pin cushions in her step by step tutorial and get busy making yours!


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