Watch How She Makes This Great Looking Denim Purse…It’s So Unique!

Isn’t this the cutest denim purse? I’ve never seen a denim purse that I would be interested in carrying until I saw this one! Denim jeans have a lot of character and style, even if they’re worn out or outgrown. You can transform that style into a unique purse. All you need is an old pair that you want to cut up.

We all have them. Those old favorites. Those comfortable, stylish and fit just right pair of blue jeans. But there comes a time in every worn to the fullest piece of denim needs to call it quits. But that doesn’t mean you need to throw them out. Instead, repurpose them in some creative ways.

Denim has been around for ages and has been used to make purses, backpacks, sofa covers and many other items. I believe it’s one of those fabrics that will never go out of style. When browsing Pinterest I even saw the cutest denim place mats with the silverware tucked into the pockets on them! It’s amazing what people come up with to make out of denim.

With Christmas right around the corner, this would make an awesome gift for friends or family and you’ll have time to make these and save some money on gifts!

Watch how Vinny Vein makes this cute purse in her step by step tutorial and get busy making yourself one of these!






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