Watch How She Makes This Unique And Sentimental Cross Out Of Dollar Tree Frames!

Well, here’s another DIY project that I hadn’t ever seen before! I collect crosses and have approximately 50 on my wall, but I always have room for at least one more…especially one as unique as this one!

I love creating something, either by myself or with my children, that actually means something or symbolizes something larger than us. The cross really is such an amazing symbol and I can’t think of anything more meaningful than a cross with photos of our beloved family and friends inserted into it.

What makes this awesome cross even better is that the frames came from the Dollar Tree! We all love a great project that cost us under $10!

If you’re looking for something special to give your friends or family for Christmas or a birthday, this will certainly be something they will get excited about!  I love giving gifts that are meaningful like this one. And the receiver will be so touched by your thoughtfulness.

Watch how Jessica S. does this in her step by step tutorial…this is pretty darned special!


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