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Watch How She Paints A Unique Rock Paperweight For Her Mother For Mother’s Day (Easy!)

This is a perfect gift for Mothers day. It’s easy and inexpensive, but will be something cherished for years to come!

Hand painted rocks make for pretty  paperweights and will brighten your Mother’s desk.

This is a loving gesture that will mean more than any store bought item…all because you took the time and put the thought into doing something special for your Mom. Nothing’s better than a little bit of nature and art together to bring a smile to your Mom’s face.

She can place it on her desk, night stand, coffee table, her bathroom, sink or on a window sill …justwherever she will see it often.  These rocks also look great placed next to a photograph or with other stones in a small tray.

This is such an easy design that basically anyone can do. It’s a great gift for your kids to do for their Mom, giving them a great sense of accomplishment, since they want to do something special, but don’t usually have the money to go out and buy something. I’m betting that it will be her favorite gift on her special day!

Watch how Ilene McInnes paints this rock in her step by step tutorial so you can do this too!