Watch How She Simply Weaves Fabric Strips On A Wire Basket Changing Up Her Decor!

Sometimes an easy DIY project can drastically change up the looks of things around your home. This project couldn’t be simpler. Don’t believe me? Just check out the tutorial I’ve attached below!

This is a really clever way to add some flair to an ordinary wire basket and use up scrap fabrics you’ve been hanging on to.

You can do this on any kind of wire container, for instance, I’ve seen bathroom trash cans done this way and the added color really changes up the look of the room.

You can turn an ordinary laundry basket into a cool looking storage basket by weaving fabric strips this way. Whoever thought of this is brilliant!

I’d had my wire trash can for years and been frustrated with its functionality for just as long. I bought it because I thought it was cute. But, unless an open-weave basket or trash can comes with a liner, it’s really hard to keep it cute. Stuff keeps falling out…or gets stuck in the holes!┬áIf you line it with a trash bag, then it just looks ugly.

After watching this tutorial, I set out to make a permanent, solid basket that still looked cute, using simple strips of fabric.

Watch how this gal with OnlineFabricStore does this in her step by step tutorial and start tearing those fabric strips!


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