Watch How She Transforms 3 Plain Glass Jars Into Incredible Pieces Of Art!

It’s one of the hottest DIY trends of the year. Turning mason jars and other glass jars into designer decor and stylish entertaining pieces.

These decorated glass jars are easy enough even for those who are craft-challenged!  I was amazed when I saw what she did to these jars! Of course, I had to use mason jars when I did this DIY project. Nothing can replace those…in my opinion, but if there aren’t any readily available you can always use pickle jars or any other food jar!

Reuse, renew, recycle. mason jars, glass wine bottles, jelly jars and tin cans receive new life in these upcycled containers. A perfect home for pencils and scissors, candleholders or a decorative vase for flowers and branches.  Upcycle materials that were on their way to the landfill and repurpose them for an artful display.

These make a bold impact when displayed in groups in multiple shapes and sizes. Make a larger group of these containers for weddings, parties or just for their decorative appeal. They are so beautiful with candles in them too!

So, if you’re short on art for your home, these are a great addition! Make one or make a group of them together. They also make terrific gifts for someone too!

Watch how the Fluffy Hedgehog does these projects in her step by step tutorial and break out those jars!




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