Watch How She Transforms A Huge Wooden Light Fixture Into A Fabulous Coffee Table!

I couldn’t wait to share this new tutorial with you for this industrial style coffee table. Isn’t it just fabulous?! I was shocked when I saw that it used to be a light fixture!

What a clever idea, although I realize a lot of us don’t have light fixtures laying around like this one, it would be easy to reproduce with the simple lines.

I’ve always wanted a coffee table with wheels on it. The wheels make your coffee table easy to move when your vacuuming or just need to move it. My main attraction to the wheels is for easy maneuvering when vacuuming. The one I had before was such a pain to move.

I think it’s really stunning the way she painted the bottom half of this coffee table black and does a nice dark stain on the wood top she attaches, giving it a nice rich contrast.

When I came across a photo of this gorgeous table I stopped abruptly because I knew I had to have it, whether I owned a large light fixture like hers or not. It looked simple enough to reproduce.

I got my husband involved in making this with me and our coffee table turned out fabulous! It’s one of my very favorite pieces in our home.

Now I have my coffee table with wheels on it. I love that it’s so easy to move, making it really convenient for any reason I need to move it!

Watch how the Daily DIYer puts this awesome coffee table together in her step by step tutorial.




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