Watch How She Transforms A Plain Closet Into An Old Hollywood “Glam” Dressing Room!

I was blown away when I saw how she turned her ugly old closet into this glamorous dressing room! What a great idea! I thought you might enjoy seeing just how she went about doing this. I think most of us gals would love to have a special room like this one and it’s a great place to escape to as well!

Sure, we probably all dream of having a Carrie Bradshaw-style custom closet. But those things are expensive. Really, really expensive. For all the rest of us, there’s great DIY projects like this one!

The paint and stencil really changed the looks of this closet. Of course the mirror and a few other accessories made it come to life. She painted some things that she already had, so you might find that you have some things you can repurpose too, and you can find all kinds of inexpensive decor items at places like TJ Maxx, Home Goods or the Dollar Store.

If you don’t have a vanity type table, I picked one up at the thrift store. After seeing this I just had to do something similar, since I have a large closet, I needed to take advantage of this grand idea!

Watch how she transforms this ugly old closet into this glamorous and stunning dressing room in her step by step tutorial!

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